• I live in Australia
  • I was born on September 1
  • My occupation is Marine biologist
  • I am awesome
  • Galzrock39

    ...dead...sorry :( :( :( we know Conception is winning....I have to give up :(

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  • Galzrock39

    ....leaving this wiki once again.i will be inactive but I will still visit this wiki occasionally so bye! :) (this wiki is too confusing!

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  • Galzrock39

    To bring life back!

    July 31, 2012 by Galzrock39 this wiki.Our wiki is dying D: so I got something to say: I got a cheat.go to your profile and click edit.see that website link that you can show in your profile? Enter the address of our wiki and save.when people go on your profile they will see your website button and when they click it,instead of a website they will find this wiki.TADA! BTW address is (don't add http)

    Somethings to say:

    @anomalous13:this is not sarscarm

    Hope this works!

    Hiding links just for the purpose of advertising is very, very stupid. Even when the people visit this cruddy wiki, how many of them are actually going to contribute to it? Bloons Conception Wiki is the official idea wiki for Bloons, and any other wiki is considered "a cheap k…

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