'The Mega Phone Monkey is a monkey that wields a megaphone that is so loud that it pops up to 2 of layers of bloon! Lead bloons are Immune to this. The sound is loud enough to pierce through frozen bloons. Cost: $900 Popping power: depends on crowd of bloons together. All costs on medium difficulty. This tower is proven unique. Does not do damage on MOAB class bloons. Upgrades and whatchamacallits:

PATH 1 Edit

Strong Sound: Has longer-range and will pop three layers now! Cost: $190

Amplification: Has even longer range and will pop up to five layers! Cost: $530

Boom Boxes: Boomboxes have the ability to do heavy damage on ceramic bloons and now pops them in a wide Circle. Cost: $1530

Monkey Band: Pops the ceramic layer instantly! Does good damage on MOAB class bloons. Just basically means that it can now do damage on the MOAB class. Cost: $4000

Path 2Edit

Wider Sound: Covers a larger area each shot. Cost: $200

Sound Illusions: Sound illusions are confusing, leaving all bloons struck by this tower stunned. Cost: $300

Mega-Mega Phone: The mega-mega phone imoblilizes all MOAB class bloons that is struck by just tower for one second. Now does 5 damage to MOAB Class bloons. Cost: $2000

Mega Blowback!: Ability: Once activated it will become so loud that it will pop ten layers for 10 secs! Now does 10 times of damage on MOAB Class bloons. Cost: $6900

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