Half Mechanical Sun Temple with 2 extra sun rays and Ultra Annihilate ability Tower. Aims like Dartling, with tactical options besides normal mode.

Normal Mode:

Sun Temple Blast and Techno Terror Blasts combined power being shot out with Max Range, activate shooting periods every 10 sec. (NEVER USE FF. YOU'LL JUST TAKE 10 SECONDS STILL, NOT 5.).

Halo Mode:

5 Widespread beams of Bloon Santification.

Monkey Seiken Ability: Gigantic Holy Darts rain from the heavens to Purify up to 3 ZOMGs and doing ridiculous damage to anything above.

Horns Mode:

3 Green Plasma Beams, and 2 Plasma Tentacles that lash like whips.

Terminate! Ability: Can take out infinite ZOMGs at such small range.

Balance Mode: 2 Plasma Tentacles, Bloon Annihilation ability, and 4 tiny, but extremley concentrated Green-Sun Beams the size of darts. Can Take out a ZOMG (and its contents) in 4 seconds, but can only be activated for 25000$ (game cash).


100 Regen Ceramics


10 Majin Bloons (Can only stun for 2 seconds.)


Repaired AMOAB

Repaired aMOAB

Wave 3:


Repaired CaMOAB

Wave 4:

Repaired AMOAB

Repaired CCBoTD

Wave 5:

Repaired MMCBoMT

1 Red,,,Bloon...?