Fire Monkey:


Red Monkey with Fireman hat, gas mask, and a tank and gun similar to the Glue Gunner's


Powerful Monkey that shoots small fireballs,

burns off 1 layers per hit. May ignite bloons.

Fires melt 1 layer per 4.5 seconds.

Vast upgrade strength, but can fetch high prices.

Occasionally Lights Bloons on fire. COST: 720$


Path 1

  • Bigger Flame: Fires are much bigger than usual. Cost: 500$

Not enough power? Try this on for...size.

  • Wisps:4 Fire-Wisps follow Fire Balls and have same effect. Cost: 150$

​Want a bit more radius with each shot? This'll help.

  • More Wisps Adds 6 more wisps, and Fire Ball and Wisp size slightly increases. Cost:1750$

Damage-greedy? Buy this.

  • Epic Wisps!: Adds 10 more wisps, and Fire Balls and Wisps grow to gargantuan proportions. Cost: 2500

​'I'm not sure you AREN'T a serial arsonist? Well, this can take out a lot of villages, heh heh. Path 2

  • Oil Slick: Fireballs Explode when they hit a glued bloon. Cost: 320$

Oh, this is nice! But you'll need something to put this oil on...a glu...nah, you figure it out.

  • Catch-On: All bloons ignite when hit. Cost:1050$

Had enough of those bloons? This will make them miserable.

  • More Juice: Ignited bloons pop twice per second!. Cost: 3000$

Aha! Monkey Scientists found the best acellerant for fires. Now this is a bit dangerous.

  • Ignis!: Now can light MOAB class bloons, slowly weakening 2 layers per second (100 seconds to reach ceremic level.) , also, ABILITY: Lights all bloons on screen on fire. (Both don't not Affect ZOMG's.) Cost: 2500$

Send Paris up in fla... err... sorry. I meant this will make those bloons pay! For something never explained.

Did you know?:

  • Glue Gunners are needed to use Oil Slick.
  • Ignis! means Fire in Latin
  • KEEP AWAY FROM BANANAS. They get burned, and blow up. (NO CASH.)