Deadly Flying Behemoth (D.F.B.)
DFB (Deadly Flying Behemoth)
By Halowarrior47 21:58, June 24, 2012 (UTC)
Parent of B.F.B
Child of Z.O.M.G
Health 5x the B.F.B's health
Appears In Any track
The Deadly Flying Behemoth (D.F.B.) (DFB) is a lot like the BFB , but it is stronger and different in many ways also. It also has x5 the health of a B.F.B and it can come out of Z.O.M.G (Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness) es, but usually appears by itself in the entrance for the bloons. It contains 2 B.F.Bs inside it so when it is popped, 2 B.F.Bs will appear.


  • Deadly Flying Behemoth (D.F.B.) s can also be known as D.F.Bs.
  • This mighty bloons has the health of 5 B.F.Bs.
  • This bloon can rarely be found inside Z.O.M.Gs.
  • This bloon appears in any track.
  • This bloon contains 2 B.F.Bs.
  • The name comes form B.F.B.
  • The Deadly Flying Behemoth (D.F.B.) can be hit by anything.

Close RelativesEdit

  • B.F.B
  • Z.O.M.G
  • M.O.A.B

Special AbilitiesEdit

Damage DrownEdit

The Deadly Flying Behemoth (D.F.B.) can be hit by everything, but when hit with some things, the damage of the thing that hit the Deadly Flying Behemoth (D.F.B.) will not be as strong as it usually is. Here are a list of things:

Sun rays

Plasma rays





MOAB mauler/all its upgrades

Regenerating BloonEdit

The Deadly Flying Behemoth (D.F.B.) can regenerate its health just like ordinary regenerating bloons. It will eventually heal if it has not been damaged for a while.