The Dart Monkey (Upgraded Version) is the exact same as a Dart Monkey, but it has more powerful upgrades!


1:Sharp Darts: Darts can each pierce through 10 bloons.

2:Really Sharp Darts: Darts can each pierce through 15 bloons.

3:Layer Crusher: Each dart pops up to 3 layers of each bloon it hits:

4:Juggernaut Dart: Now the Dart Monkey shoots one really big dart every 3 seconds that destroys the ceramic layer of ceramic bloons in one hit and can pop 7 layers of each bloon it hits. It is very strong.


1:Poison Darts: Darts poison bloons, slowing them down and damaging them every 1 second for 3 seconds.

2:Homing Darts: Darts seek bloons.

3:Power-Sucking Darts: For each bloon that the dart successfully pops, the next dart will be able to pop more. Example: If a dart pops 3 bloons, then the next dart will be able to pierce through 3 more bloons.

4:Ultra Pierce Ability: ULTRA PIERCE ABILITY: All towers in the Dart Monkey's range have infinite pierce for 10 seconds.

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