Bloons TD2 Extreme is a game.In this game there are new bloons,new towers,special agents,premiums and graphics are the same as Bloons TD5.There are also new tracks and 3 upgrade paths plus a bonus path called BTD4 Upgrades.This upgrade path is for upgrades that are appeared in BTD4 but not in BTD5.

New TowersEdit

  • Monkey MOAB (the name would be funny)
  • Warrior Monkey

New BloonsEdit

  • Outer Space Bloon

Special AgentsEdit

  • None yet.


  • Extreme Cash (Special Premium)
  • Bananarang Thrower (Tower)
  • Monkey Witch (Tower)
  • Track Pack (Special Premium)
  • Snowy Bridge (Track)
  • Network Center (Track)
  • School of Computering (Track)

More premiums coming soon!

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