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Welcome to the Bloons Creation wiki! Here you can create your own Bloons, towers, enemies, and more! If you are new here, please read the rules. At the moment we have 2,645 contributions and 75 articles. Please contribute and have fun editing! We currently have 3 admins. They are Love Robin (active), Lol Limewire (inactive), and CesarTheSanchez (inactive). Contact them if you have any problems or suggestions. Click (here) to see all of our pages. Join and or start a chat!

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What This Wiki Is About

On this wiki, you can customize and create your own Bloons, Bloons TD characters, special agents, tracks, Modes, and much, much more!



Latest poll results: What is your favorite tower made in this wiki so far?

"Don't like any of them." wins by: 5 votes.

<poll> If you could be any tower what would you be? Dart Monkey Tack Shooter Sniper Monkey Boomerang Thrower Ninja Monkey Bomb engineer Glue Gunner Ice Tower Monkey Buccaneer Monkey Ace Super Monkey Monkey Apprentice Mortar Monkey Dartling Monkey Spike Factory Employee </poll> This poll is not to be removed.

More polls coming soon.

Latest activity & news

  • edit B.A.M. (Blimp anti-monkey)
    edited by Love Robin diff
    Added photo:


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    earned the Bloonshot badge
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  • new page B.A.M. (Blimp anti-monkey)
    created by Jereminecraft
    New page: The B.A.M. (Blimp Anti-Monkey) is the Boss of Btd5 (contains 16 ZOMG) its really fast, more than Pink bloon (15 bps) and it appears at round 203 (for...

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